Saturday, December 17, 2011


Would like to say a massive shout-out to genius video maker Simon Ward who is going to film my brains' myth-child being born next February. It is a trilogy, wrapped up in a tender chrysalis of layers and layers of epistolary ephemera that need to be carefully shed in order for the little baby story to emerge and be viewed from a number of angles by numerous pairs of eyes. This first pint-sized reveal will be an indication of what is to come in the profoundly ridiculous field of party artistry.

Simon made the trailer for Disasteradio's CHARISMA album, which I linked to the very first post on this blog, after I wiped my fresh slate clean in October 2010 :

The spontaneous celebration which will probably eventually eclipse Christmas as the vibiest celebration of the year, Charismas, is named after this timely album.

As you can see by Simon's latest vid he is a bonafide virtual zen master. (Watch on youtube for a more centred effect) :

I'm so glad that pink ball came out from under the rug and helped disperse all that grime !

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