Tuesday, June 21, 2011


For the last three Tuesdays I have been going to see Sir Lloyd Geering give a series of free talks on Jung and the Unconscious at St Andrew's Church on The Terrace. This week Lloyd took it to the next level with an eloquent foray into the God archetype and it's evolution through the ages. I felt inspired to splash out $5 for a copy of Religious Trailblazers, a collection of essays penned by Lloyd himself, and was delighted to find quotes from 19th century Party Artists inside :

Feuerbach saw in the Holy Trinity a symbol of the essential importance of human community, a theme on which he himself placed great emphasis. For when he spoke of human creativity and greatness, he was not thinking of the individual but of humans in community. So he said: "the secret of the Trinity is the secret of communal and social life : it is the truth that no being - man, God or ego - is for itself alone a true, perfect and absolute being." This, thought Feuerbach was an unconscious acknowledgement of the true nature of the human condition as essentially communal...

So when Feuerbach contended that the concept of God was in reality the projection of the essence of humanity, he meant by the latter the essence of human community: "A human for himself is human (in the ordinary sense); human with human - the unity of I and Thou - is God... The individual person possesses neither the essence of humanity in himself as a moral being, nor in himself as a thinking being. The essence of humanity is contained only in the community and the unity of person with person; it is a unity, however, which rests on the reality of the distinction between I and Thou."

Sir Lloyd Geering
in 2: Ludwig Feuerbach "God is Human"
from Religious Trailblazers

This is why we must party, people.

PS. You can listen to the talks here for $2.50. PLUS there's one more next Tuesday called Jung and Global Unity. Check it out!

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