Tuesday, June 21, 2011


German philosopher and anthropologist Ludwig Feuerbach was the first to treat stories of Adam's fall and Jesus's resurrection as myths rather than historical events. He saw them as parables, symbolic stories with deep philosophical meaning. Here he basically sums up the Party Art Movement I am keen to get off the ground :

"The new philosophy rests on the truth of love and feeling... The new philosophy itself is basically none other than the essence of feeling elevated to consciousness; it only affirms in reason and with reason what every man - the real man - professes in his heart. It is the heart made into mind... The new philosophy... recognises the truth of sensation with joy and consciousness; it is the open hearted and sensuous philosophy."

Ludwig Feuerbach
quoted by Lloyd Geering in 2. Ludwig Feuerbach "God is Human"
from Religious Trailblazers

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