Thursday, October 27, 2011


Just found this in a sandy brown book I penned pon di hill at Balaena Bay, Wellington, while subleasing with FFM and Maria while their housemate Jen was clowning around in Finland for 3 months.
(This was the view from my bed) :

Going to a cool breezy laid back party with Dan with a slight Miami Vice feel of whiteness and smoothness. In a white very airy open bar. Went to get a drink and the woman next to me remembered me. I didn't recognise her but it turned out to be Carey-Ann who was at Upokongaro School with me in my youth. Had some light convo's, asked Dan if he would still be there in one to two hours and went exploring down into the basement. Found an extremely long staircase. There was a sign for putting out into the street to a theatre of some sort at the top of the stairs. I thought I better take it with me in case I exited out a different location.

Gleefully I slid down the rail of the long staircase, holding the sign, closing my eyes a lot of the time all the while in a free and transcendent state. Started to realise maybe I should've left the sign at the top of the stairs because it was probably meant to go outside when the theatre was open. I came to the lobby and it was clearly closed. I couldn't just slip out and keep exploring.

There was a man there who saw me. I started to run and he started to chase me. Then I stopped and said "I just wanted to explore" and he was like "Yeah we need to get more set up for people like you who want to explore" and I didn't get in trouble.