Saturday, December 17, 2011


Would like to say a massive shout-out to genius video maker Simon Ward who is going to film my brains' myth-child being born next February. It is a trilogy, wrapped up in a tender chrysalis of layers and layers of epistolary ephemera that need to be carefully shed in order for the little baby story to emerge and be viewed from a number of angles by numerous pairs of eyes. This first pint-sized reveal will be an indication of what is to come in the profoundly ridiculous field of party artistry.

Simon made the trailer for Disasteradio's CHARISMA album, which I linked to the very first post on this blog, after I wiped my fresh slate clean in October 2010 :

The spontaneous celebration which will probably eventually eclipse Christmas as the vibiest celebration of the year, Charismas, is named after this timely album.

As you can see by Simon's latest vid he is a bonafide virtual zen master. (Watch on youtube for a more centred effect) :

I'm so glad that pink ball came out from under the rug and helped disperse all that grime !

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Coco Solid is in town at the mo and on Sunday she melted my mind when she uttered the three sweetest words in the English language :
"I get it".

Here she is DJing for us at Dan's club nite on Saturday, as depicted by Rob Mchaffie.

Have you ever noticed how art is largely about depicting what's going on?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


As aforementioned, next February I will be representing ratkind in a Chinese Zodiac Group Art Show at Enjoy gallery in Wellington.

Late last year, while on a natural kundalini bender in Whanganui, I made a series of, what seemed to me to be, Prophetic Pass The Parcels. I propose to recruit some fellow rats (largely '72 rats, next rat up) to open a present in the present at an opening. All in the name of taking baby steps towards the up'n'coming PARTY ART REVOLUTION.
Which will be here any day now.

As we all know revolutions start with a series of little revelations. In this case I will be revealing the secret of precisely what lies in the centre of the nucleus of my own internal party, (because I have full behind the scenes access to that one). Thus externalising its secret in symbol form.

Here's a mail-out I just did to potential rats on the internet :

Hola Potential Rats who might potentially open a present in the present at an opening for me! Feb 15 2012 (have had some tentative yesses location pending)

Here is an important passage to ponder before reaching the centre of the present.

SURPRISE! It's by Jung. From Confrontation With The Unconscious, Memories, Dreams, Reflections (his autobiography)


This is the dream I mentioned earlier : I found myself in a dirty, sooty city. It was night, and winter, and dark, and raining. I was in Liverpool. With a number of Swiss - say - half a dozen - I walked through the dark streets. I had the feeling that there we were coming from the harbour, and that the real city was actually up above, on the cliffs. We climbed up there. It reminded me of Basel, where the market is down below and then you go up through the Totengasschen ("Alley of the Dead"), which leads to a plateau, we found a broad square dimly illuminated by street lights, into which many streets converged. The various quarters of the city were arranged radially around the square. In the centre was a round pool, and in the middle of it a small island. While everything round about was obscured by rain, fog, smoke, and dimly lit darkness, the little island blazed with sunlight. On it stood a single tree, a magnolia, in a shower of reddish blossoms. It was as though the tree stood in the sunlight and was at the same time the source of light. My companions commented on the abominable weather, and obviously did not see the tree. They spoke of another Swiss who was living in Liverpool, and expressed surprise he had settled here. I was carried away by the beauty of the flowering tree and sunlit island, and thought, "I know very well why he has settled here." Then I awoke.


This dream represented my situation at the time. I can still see the greyish-yellow raincoats, glistening with the wetness of the rain. Everything was extremely unpleasant, black and opaque - just as I felt then. But I had had a vision of unearthly beauty, and that was why I was able to live at all. Liverpool is the "pool of life". The "liver" according to an old view, is the seat of life - that which "makes to live."

This dream brought with it a sense of finality. I saw that here the goal had been revealed. One could not go beyond the centre. The centre is the goal, and everything is directed towards the centre. Through this dream I understood that the self is the principle and archetype of orientation and meaning. Therein lies its healing function. For me, this insight signified an approach to the centre and therefore to the goal. Out of it emerged a first inkling of my personal myth.


I will be providing an inkling into my personal myth by way of a small arrangement of confectionery items in the centre of a reasonably dense Pass The Parcel which hopefully may be opened up by YOU.

Hope this email finds you rats fit and well. I am a sick one currently, pain parties in my chest whenever I cough. But surely it will be gone before Women's Wellbeings birthday and club night with Coco this weekend.

Lots of rat love