Wednesday, July 17, 2013


This fuzzy suggestion of a map is a little fraction of fractals from a Peace Party Puzzle I have been revelling on for a few years now, radiating from it's symbolic and actual central point, a novelty lips phone. (Still needs more arrows mind you).

Each mini-notebook pictured depicts an actual full-sized notebook that documents a mini-era of journal writing; emotions, events, abstract thoughts, freejazz rambling, pictorial essays... in the order they fell out onto the page. Some more alarming than others. Then they tend to get posted to a lucky recipient who has influenced the puzzle of my mind in a profound (and often hilarious) way.

THEN WHAT HAPPENS....that, my friends, is a long story. But I've got the time if you've got the attention span.

Cue apt quote from external source :


The heart awakens as a lotus opens: It's natural beauty and scent both fill itself and perfume the garden around it. But the nature of flowers is to open in the daylight and close at night. How can we map and describe such a process? Yes there are stages of shoot, bud and blossom. But this description omits more than it tells. It misses the nurturance of roots in the mud, the drinking of sunlight, the pollination of the bees, and the lotus sisters and parents that surround this flower and fill the world with more beauty. It misses the growth that takes place at night and the invisible buds below the surface of the water that don't yet remember the world of sunlight. Because the unfolding of this mystic spiral is so richly organic, many traditions turn to poems to express its spirit. Poetry has a mysterious power in its ability to hold meanings almost impossible to speak directly...

- After The Ecstasy, The Laundry, by Jack Cornfield