Monday, May 20, 2013


Who here's had the sensational pleasure of popping the cap off their crown chakra ? Wild huh ? So much effervescent energy that cannot help but bubble to the surface and spill over the rim time and time again. The thing with crown seals too is that you can't screw them back on. Once they're off they're off and you gotta let fly with your unstoppable flow. I went truly bananas when that happened.

Divine bananas.

Personally, being born on the Day of Explosive Power (according to The Secret Language of Birthdays) I just went for gold and tore through a whole succession of chakras in a single (very lengthy) sitting. Well I wasn't just sitting. I was walking, flying, writing, drawing, wrapping, sending, bathing, tying, crying, giggling, dancing, getting changed.

I'm not here to talk about the crown chakra though. That's old news. The one I want to bring to your attention is located a little way above your head. Look up. There it is. The 8th chakra. That's the one that makes you feel like a party once you've cracked it wide open. A classic trait of parties is that you are not the only one at them. Heaps of people come and you have to be accommodating if you don't want your party to suck. Listen to this rundown I just found on a handwritten photocopied print out a lady in Whanganui gave me :

The eighth chakra is trans-personal, connecting to the infinite source of all archetypal energies and maintains a connection to every individual body and soul. It connects personal unconsciousness and collective unconsciousness. Linking the literal and symbolic dimensions, your personal life and the impersonal universe. It holds patterns of experience and soul knowledge that are inherent in human consciousness and also archetype patterns. It's influences are Mother Nature/Gaia, the natural order of things or laws of physics. eg laws of nature, cause and effect, karma, choice and consequence, magnetic attraction. Archetypal patterns held in the eighth chakra flow into the individuals personal energy field, stir the psyche, move into the conscious mind, the emotional body and finally into a physical manifestation in that persons life.

You can see why having tapped into all that jazz someone could get the impression they are actually a party can't you! and that all their things were secretly symbols of their friends in disguise and of course they can't stop sending strange mail to their nearest, dearest and furthest. Because the individual in question found them all inside their cacophonous psyche and wanted to communicate that. Like that nirvana song when he found his friends, they were in his head.

Did you know expressions the opposite of depression?
Let it out I say! Free the cats from the bags! It's dark in there and they can't breathe properly!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Hi! Here's a quick recap of my buzz for newcomers. In 2009, I morphed suddenly and dramatically from being a human to being a full blown party animal. Not in the way that you're thinking though. In a way that is not able to be thought about unless it has been felt. I became the venue and the reveller all at once, without the help of stimulants, but with the help of a lot of sensual stimulation, through various forms of art. I quickly became a highly productive compassion factory completely unattached to possessions, hell-bent on sharing my newfound psychic wealth.

With this change came the vision of a book called The Party Within : A Smart Casual Connecting Principle (that is still in the pipeline). I started writing it free-jazz style by hand and distributing pieces in puzzle form among many lucky revellers, often kamikaze style. Not literally in a violent military way that ended in me actually dying, but in a metaphorical way where little parts of me would die off as they were crystallised as words and pictures and blown elsewhere in gusts of powerful full body instinct. In a way that is true to the literal translation of kamikaze, "divine wind". I call it the party physical realm, as it is a state of being ruled by your epicentre, the heart. When your rational logic loving brain gets overridden at the organ round table conference centre on account of the intensity of the collective feeling in your body.

Since this happened I am all about articulating this buzz in many way shapes and forms, mostly in the form of MYSTERIOUS LAYERY PRESENTS. Recently I have been reading Lewis Hyde's novel The Gift which is putting into words a lot of my puzzling behaviour and giving me that lovely solid feeling that realising psychic companionship often gives. Here's a little excerpt from Chapter 3, The Labor of Gratitude :

I have taken death gifts as my example of threshold gifts not as an exceptional case, but as the type, for I would like to speak of all transformation as involving death. Spiritually, at least, the old life must leave before the new may enter. Initiation ceremonies make a good illustration because they commonly include a symbolic death..... It might be said that the gifts we give at times of transformation are meant to make visible the giving up we do invisibly. And of course we hope that there will be an exchange, that something will come towards us if we abandon our old lives. So we might also say that the tokens we receive at times are meant to make visible life's reciprocation. They guide us toward new life, assuring our passage away from what is dying.

The guidance is of use because there are those who do not survive change. It is as if human beings were like that subclass of insect, the Metabola, which must undergo complete metamorphosis from egg, through larva and pupa, to imago. In some way the fluidity of gift exchange assures the successful metamorphosis.