Sunday, January 2, 2011


Not sure if anyone noticed, but I blogged off for a while to do some distillation in my think tank. Lot's of funny things happen when you're brewing the essence of your own inner party in word form.

Distilling is beautiful. First of all, because it is a slow, philosophic and silent occupation, which keeps you busy but gives you time to think of other things, somewhat like riding a bike. Then, because it involves a metamorphosis from liquid to vapour (invisible), and from this once again to liquid; but in this double journey, up and down, purity is attained, an ambiguous and fascinating condition, which starts the chemistry and goes very far.

Primo Levi in The Periodic Table

Uh oh, I'm at McDonalds Cyber Cafe and someone to my left just vomited and my credit has nearly run out.

Talk soon!


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