Friday, January 7, 2011


Here come some travel excerpts out of one of my blue journals of the less electric variety, May/June 2010...

(According to the dream I had on my first night in Barcelona.)
I left my Pension to explore, got on a bus which I thought would take me closer to the heart of things. Got around the corner and realised I was already in the heart of things. So I got off after talking to the lady driver. She was surprised I didn't mind paying for such a short trip. Said something about generosity and recommended some sights to see including a statue of two people 'fathoming each other'. Said that was particularly powerful.

I stopped in a cafe where my boyfriend was who I didn't recognise to tell him my plans. We kissed for quite a long time and he said he wanted to come and see the sculpture but he wasn't ready.

So I went back to my room to wait. I turned on the TV and Home and Away was on. Someone, a young man, was sneaking into a dark house at night, holding a package. Irene caught him and they obviously knew each other, he seemingly lived there too. He looked sweaty and uncomfortable and surreptitiously tossed the parcel out the window. A few moments later it exploded into a big puffy smoke cloud with pieces of paper spiralling to the ground. The dude was no longer inside, he was out amongst the smoke bomb.

You can't just tell people about your magic powers, you have to show them. It's only magic until they work out how you do it. I possess the ability to confuse and annoy. LUCKY ME!

Yip, so I saw some humans constructing towers out of themselves in the village today. They wore white jeans and magenta shirts. I was wearing white shorts and a purple shirt with more of a blue hue than theirs. So they would've noticed if I snuck into the tower. Also there's like no other gingers around except for one I saw today with a full-blown freckle tan.

My heart pounded in solidarity as he walked past.

Maybe I'll go look at Joanna's blog. She just had another show and might have some new drawings on it. She would've drawn much more sophisticated bananas than me, given half the chance. I kind of want to turn it into night time behind the bananas. Will that ruin it? Touch and go really innit. I'll go and consult the internet and have a cup of thyme tea and see wha happens... You're right, that would've been a terrible idea. I'll just colour it in blue when I get my hands on a blue colouring utensil. Maybe I'll splash out and colour the bananas in yellow one day too. You only live once (that we know of)...

It would help them CHILL THE FUCK OUT TO THE BADDEST and wouldn't that be nice.

I told him how Mum had talked to a psychiatrist who thought I should take lithium and he said "What you need Caroline, is Jesus Christ. You and your family. Give him everything you've got, he'll sort things out."

He doesn't know past tense but like me is mad for the present and doesn't need it.

Then I showed him my house, we hugged and said goodbye until later when I would use the internet. I sent him a link to my blog and told him I had.

"What do you put on your blog?"
"You know..."
"Crazy, stupid stuff?"
"Yeah, insane nonsense."

I taught him some new words: 'letting', 'pleased', 'slept' and 'peek'. He had never listened to the word 'peek' in all his life.

He's writing a book too, on the same buzz as mine but in Spanish. He was saying how people have maps in their brains and need to lose the map. Look out for Bretana Decide Mirar by Matias Giminez [whoops, don't know how to do accents on this computer. Or the wave over the n.] That means Bretana Decides To Look.

I gravitated back towards the epic fountainage in front of the museu d'art. If I had a travel partner it would probably be rude to listen to Ludacris at the fountain. This is muy muy bonito. I enjoy the proportion of white to another colour pants in Barcelona (it's high). I also like how many old dudes wear red pants and a pale pink shirt. That's a rockin look. I recommend fountains at dusk, it's 8:30.

Damn. Just got home to find out if you stay till dark time the fountains are accompanied by an epic light show and Ludwig's 5th. Damn! def have to return.

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