Monday, July 11, 2011


Groovy (fragmentalized), from 'El mundo esta muy loco', blue book (2nd least electric shade), El Bruc, June 2010

I have a friend on facebook who keeps faking his own death and coming back in another guise. Yesterday he posted this link to my wall. It is a downloadable PDF to jewels from Jung's Red Book that I can't seem to stop mentioning no matter how hard I try. (Please note the labels, all of which are relevant to this party project: ART, BOOK REVIEW, COGNITION, COSMOLOGY, LITERATURE, POETRY, SCIENCE, SHAMANISM, SOCIETY, SPIRITUAL HEALING, TRIPPY) Jung died in the 60's and the original transcripts of his ancient memories and mystical visions were only just published in 2009.

That is how not ready for it yet he deemed the world to be in his lifetime.

Because my mission is the cultivation of sweet parties full of high calibre genies who can join forces to make magic realistically happen, I am distributing pieces of my original writings and symbolic clues around the world. Via the postal system and slipping golden yellow envelopes under their doors. Then eventually everyone can get together, have a party, a few laughs and make the puzzle. Provided that's the sort of thing they think they might be into.

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