Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Caroline Anderson
7:03 PM (19 hours ago)

to Bek, Torben, kristen, maiangi, erica, Simon, Matt

Greeting rats and rat friends,

I am delighted to have you all on board with the unveiling of a few of my pretty psycho yet strangely logical behind the scenes activities at the Chinese Horoscope Art Show. (Enjoy Gallery, Feb 15th, 6pm)

I have titled the performance piece :

What's Going To Happen ...

(with this catchphrase :)

NZ's forerunning PASS THE PARCEL PROPHET, Caroline Anderson officially wonders : which came first?
in the context of a rat art opening.

Then the physical show which we install on site during the opening will be known as :

Too Much Information

I am especially pleased to have you on the team seeing as my performance history ranges from being Small Fox number 2 in Fantastic Mr Fox in standard 2 and Tina Turner in a miming Stars In Their Eyes the same year ('93). As well as being understudy for Gaunt in the Wanganui Intermediate production of Monsters ('97). That is all.

But a new era is dawning !!

And I am glad I have some mates to help ease me into it.

Til next mail-out,


* * * * *

I received this response from Erica Van Zon :

Hey Caroline - coolio - thanks for sending through, I have forwarded to Bopha - sounds good - the opening part we get now...all will be revealed..time traveling parcel, sort of like a time capsule..to your future self!

talk soon

and this one from Michael Prior :

This notice has been magneted to the fridge door of my mind with a pineapple wearing sunglasses magnet that isn't very strong so it's sliding down the door just a bit.

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