Tuesday, May 24, 2011


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Jung wrote that it was a difficult task to differentiate the personal and collective psyche. One of the factors one came up against was the persona - one's "mask" or "role." This represented the segment of the collective psyche that one mistakenly regarded as individual. When one analyzed this, the personality dissolved into the collective psyche, which resulted in the release of a stream of fantasies: "All the treasures of mythological thinking and feeling are unlocked." The difference between this state and insanity lay in the fact that it was intentional.

Two possibilities arose: one could attempt to regressively restore persona and return to the prior state, but it was impossible to get rid of the unconscious. Alternatively, one could accept the condition of godlikeness. However, there was a third way: the hermeneutic treatment of creative fantasies. This was the process of individuation.

From "A New Spring Life", RED BOOK or LIBER NOVUS, C.G Jung
Edited and introduced by Sonu Shamdasani

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