Friday, June 10, 2011


For my birthday last year my sister Joanna wrote me a rap and then rapped it into my voicemail in the morning. It said stuff like The way she behave, particle on a wave and She cries all the time but she doesn't mind. She wasn't wrong, although late last year I did hang my blanket of sadness on the line during a session of gong therapy, (which is another story altogether) and have been much more chipper since. Keanu said it best when discussing Point Break on Japanese TV :
you learn a lot about yourself when that water jacks up.

Funnily enough Jung also had something to say on the matter :

Everything is riddlesome to one who is becoming, but not to one who is. He who suffers from riddles should take thought of his lowest condition; we solve riddles from which we suffer, but not those which please us.

To be that which you are is the bath of rebirth. In the depths being is not an unconditional persistance but an endlessly slow growth. You think you are standing still like swamp water but slowly you flow into the sea that covers the earths greatest deeps, and is so vast that firm land seems only an island embedded in the womb of the immeasurable sea.

As a drop in the ocean you take part in the current, ebb and flow. You swell slowly on the land and slowly sink back again in interminably slow breaths. You wander vast distances in blurred currents and wash up on strange shores, not knowing how you got there. You mount the billows of huge storms and are swept back again into the depths. And you do not know how this happens to you. You had thought that your movement came from you and that it needed your decisions and efforts, so that you could get going and make progress. But with every conceivable effort you would never have achieved that movement and reached those areas to which the sea and the great wind of the world have brought you.

C.G Jung, 'One of the Lowly', LIBER SECUNDUS, from LIBER NOVUS or RED BOOK

FYI if you are in Wellington Sir Lloyd Geering who has a Doctor in Divinity is doing a series of talks entitled Jung and the Unconscious, at St Andrews church, for the next 3 Tuesdays.
Details here.

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